An Atlanta based independent film, video and production company that was founded twelve years ago by two ambitious kids and has evolved into an award winning full service media production company. We began our careers producing short films such as The Bridge which made its way through the film festival circut garnering 15+ awards including the honor of screening the short at the Cannes Film Festival. We then stepped into the media direction role at LED Experience Design where we capture elaborate experiences which combine performance, immersion and storytelling. We have told the visual story of a taiko drummer performing with a shadow dress with dancers inside of it; we have ventured into an immersive medieval fantasy world inside the Fernbank Museum; and we have even followed Santa in a lighted suit up to the rooftop of Ponce City Market and shot him zipline off the edge into a crowd of dancing lighted elves (don’t even get me started on the punk whos and the Grinch). We began shooting photos for High Rez at events like the SMITE World Champtionship and the SMITE Console Finals. When shooting events, we learned how to capture elaborate choreographed or freestyle movement and so we began shooting dance videos with former Cher choreographer Bubba Carr. We have worked for the likes of Marqese Scott, Shakti and Hiiikey making videos that garnered a total of over 9 million views. We continue to work with Bubba, but we have also directed performance videos for local artists at a flexible rate as a way to aide the local artist community and create a community around our company. We are always looking for new and exciting artists to collaborate with.

They were open and willing to really work with me on what I needed for a film project specific to dance...kind and very easy to work with... great communication and flexibility!
— Leah Boresow, Atlanta Dancer and Choreographer